Viajes Responsables Ismalar Rutas

Welcome to the web of Ismalar Rutas

We are a travel agency, specialized in alternative tourism,with a broad background and experience in the sector, we design trips to exotic and not overcrowded destinations. In Ismalar we understand travel as a form of exchange which is to achieve the satisfaction and safety of those involved (passengers, suppliers and communities).
Small groups, small suppliers, rural community based programs with the real protagonists, the local population. We design our travels following the principles of responsible tourism, to destinations that we know firsthand and where we have local partners, experienced and committed to local development and environmental protection
Our main destinations are currently: Morocco, Senegal, Peru, India and Cambodia. And our favorite topics of trip: Hiking, mountain biking, Community, Solidarity, Kitesurf, Cultural, Eco-tourism,
Almost any of our itineraries can be tailored according to your interests or expectations, from a romantic trip, with family or friends to unique experiences, such as, Team-building, incentive groups, school trips. We also have work experience in local production for audiovisual and cooperation projects.
Our motto is "The trip is a means of unity and understanding among peoples".